Taylor University Admissions
Matriculation Fee
Matriculation fee: $150 tuition; $50 housing.
Price: $200.00 USD
Summer Institute Matriculation Fee
Price: $50.00 USD
Graduate Matriculation Fee
Price: $300.00 USD
Credits in Escrow Application Fee
Price: $25.00 USD
Guest Application Fee
Price: $20.00 USD
Summer Institute Application Fee
Price: $30.00 USD
Graduate Program Application Fee
MAHE, Transition to Teaching, Mild Intervention Licensure, Intense Intervention Licensure and TESOL Licensure.
Price: $100.00 USD
Certificate Application Fee
Professional Writing and TESOL.
Price: $40.00 USD
Online Course 4-Month Extension Fee
Enter course name in the Payment Memo box below. Separate payments are required for each extension.
Price: $250.00 USD

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